Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A friend of ours recently started a new restaurant here in Lawrence, called 715, named after the address of the historic building in which it resides. The place is booming, but I'm not surprised. Matt and Michael are master restaurateurs, and their creation is wonderful.

Matt just happens to live down the block from me, and our children are schoolmates. He asked if I would create an image for 715 to be used on merch like t-shirts and aprons that focused on a pig, since pork is one of the main ingredients in the delicious Italian-style food at 715. Matt's idea of a pig escaping from Chef Michael on a Vespa was a delight to draw. He wanted the feel of an old poster, but the fun of a children's style illustration. It also had to be made using only flat spot colors, since the products are all silkscreened. The above was the result.

If you're in northeast Kansas, you should make a point to check out the restaurant, which is in historic downtown Lawrence, on Massachusetts Street. Here's a link to their website to get your tastebuds in a frenzy.


  1. this is delightful - your illustrations never fail to blow me away! i adore this one, and yup, i love 715 too!

  2. Love your moped pig - and I, too, am a big fan of 715.

  3. This is fantastic- I love the "delizioso" on the Vespa!

  4. OMG, just ran across your blog + i'm in heaven. love your work. precious.

  5. We love that restaurant, its so great to have all that local goodness on the menu.

    Love your pig!