Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fresh Air

Spring is almost here – yay! Time to start our veggie garden for the year, open the windows all day, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The big winter projects are past, and it's time for new ones. I've got my fingers in a few pies at the moment, including some new items up over here and on Poppytalk Handmade, and some sketches for a new book project. Here's to spring, and to fresh starts!

{This illustration was for an educational assignment from a while back.}


  1. the birdie booklet turned out great! and i love the ones with the topographic maps, too!

  2. I am loving the bird booklet- you are so clever! Glad your load has lightened a bit, and so excited about your new book project!

  3. i'm w/ aimee. the birdhouse & map booklets are wonderful! i love how you put shapes, cutouts, type and color together christy!

  4. Yes!!!! I´m so happy to see the sun again! and the flowers and the green grass...and the booklets on the parks :)
    beautiful illo, full of colors, i love it!

  5. Ahh i love that spring feeling!
    (we have autumn here)
    the illustration perfectly underlines it to!
    I found your blog through HSJ, its really great, willl come back soon again
    have a great weekend, am off to read your post in HP

  6. Thanks for popping in, everyone! I love having visitors. :)